Choose the right binding technique when making material combinations

With materials alone you are not there yet. Where in the past an object often consisted of one material, you nowadays have to deal more and more with complex products composed of several materials. In the development of these products, binding techniques (such as bonding, soldering, welding or mechanical bonding) is at least as important as the optimization of the materials from which the product is made.

On Materials + Eurofinish, you will become acquainted with existing as well as new binding techniques.This can be done during the 40 knowledge sessions, at the more than 140 exhibitors and at the demo area.

Discover the following binding techniques

A product 'only' works if these materials, or the individual parts, are well matched to each other. And here the interface between these materials - the binding - plays a decisive role. Just think of the smart choices that you have to make to connect multiple materials, each of which in a different way with temperature rise, strongly and without tension to each other. The following bnding techniques can be found.

  • (vacuum) brazing
  • Adhesives
  • Welding
  • Diffusion binding
  • Mechanical binding 
  • Fixations