• 15:00-15:25
  • Terra

Adhesion of UV-Curable Inks and Coatings

  • Marin Steenackers
  • ChemStream bvba

This lecture will give insights in different strategies on how to improve and optimize the adhesion of UV-curable inks and coatings on demanding substrates such as plastics, metals and glass. The strategy of ChemStream over the past decade has been to develop solutions for “direct to substrate adhesion” minimizing tedious priming- and other pre-treatment steps enabling a significant reduction of the TCO of our clients. We will present how the key parameters which influence the adhesion of a UV-curable ink or coating can be tuned: shrinkage; physisorption and the use of Hansen-solubility-parameters; chemisorption and the use of commercial as well as dedicated tailor-made adhesion promotors.