• 16:00-16:25
  • Terra

Multitechnical Nano-Analytics for Pharamceutics: Combinination of Synchrotron and Laboratory Sources

  • Aden Hodzic PhD

The increasing importance of Nano analytics for pharmaceutical technology opens a new field of applications for drug research and quality control by using, applying and developing novel tools. The upcoming (European, national and international) laws and regulations for ensuring quality of products will bring more rigorous rules especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Hence, the development/application and combination of new methods that allow useful results in the more sensible Nano-range, may respond to the new requirements and lead to a better quality of development and production as well as to shorter production-times, while avoiding drug side effects and bringing a financial benefit. CERIC-ERIC offers services based on Nano-analytical and multi-technique methodologies, which will be applied in order to meet requirements imposed on modern pharmaceutical products as well as to satisfy new restrictive quality rules.