• 15:00-15:25
  • Luna

Unique Force & Torque Measurement Testers Can Save Time and Money

  • Allan Benson
  • Mark-10 Corporation namens J.J. Bos BV

Most manufacturers conduct quality checks on the products that they sell to end-users. Many industries need force and torque measurement testing to guarantee their specifications are being met. Traditional tensile testers are difficult to set up and slow to operate. Mark-10, a 40-year old, US designer and manufacturer of force and torque measurement has some solutions. Save time and money with the TT-01 Cap Torque Tester, the TT02 – Torque Tool Verification Device, the Crimped Wire Pull Tester & Ergo Kit. The presenter will divide his presentation up into 4, 8-minute sessions on each of these products.