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Trade fairs Materials and Eurofinish join forces and will be held together on May 15 & 16 2019 in the Brabanthal in Leuven (Belgium). Where Materials focuses strongly on the role of materials in the success of a product, connects Eurofinish professionals with focus on surface technology. In short: where Materials ends, Eurofinish starts. This synergy means that you as a visitor will find all aspects to create a good and sustainable product.

With more than 140 exhibitors and 40 speakers, Materials+Eurofinish offers a complete overview of the latest developments within the entire chain, from raw material to finished product. Eurofinish + Materials is therefore the meeting place for Dutch and Belgian specialists. Discover the aspects for a good product on Materials and give it the finishing touch on Eurofinish!


Discover a wide range of (new) materials

We are used to the fact that our tools consist of materials. However, behind something that seems so obvious is a world full of technology and challenges! And should you need even better, stronger, cheaper, or more beautiful materials for a particular application, new developments are continuously taking place. Think of 3D printing, nanotechnology, and self-repairing materials. Not just new materials for existing markets, but also entirely new developments that will require years of research before they can be developed into a product that can be applied in practice.

Discover new materials on the Innovative Materials Pavilion

Product development, innovation and improvement also include choices for new, different, or improved materials. It can be a considerable challenge to know which materials exist and which are most suitable for your product. At Eurofinish + Materials you will be introduced to both existing and new types of materials.

About (new) materials

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Experience the latest techniques for material analysis

These include simple tests as well as specific material analyses to detect contaminations. They also include complex measurements to determine whether material parameters meet the mechanical, thermic or electric demands set for the product. Advancing automation means that computer simulations for materials play a supporting role in experimental measurements. 

Live demos of innovative material analysis techniques

At Eurofinish + Materials, you will discover the most innovative material analysis techniques. Our exhibitors will perform demonstrations with live material analyzing, testing and simulations. In this way, you will discover which technique fits best with your material and you'll have the chance to experience and try these techniques on the spot.  

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Make the right combination of material and surface treatment

Corrosion resistant coatings on metal surfaces, wear resistant coatings on drill bits, and paint layers on a house, all examples of surface treatments which have as well a decorative as a protective purpose. These coatings are continuously in contact with outside influences. The surface techniques to apply these layers onto an object or to modify the surface of the object itself, as with hardening surfaces, are closely related to the materials used, and are a specialty in themselves! 

Discover which surface technique fits your product

When talking about surface technology of materials, a number of challenges arise. Think of adjusting the appearance, changing the dimensions, changing properties and costs. The exhibitors and speakers of Eurofinish + Materials will help you with these challenges based on the following themes:

  • Creating added value: innovative coatings with a focus on sustainability
  • Material technology: attention for functional and smart use of materials
  • Valorisation and sustainability: balance between technology and environment
  • Precision and engineering: simultaneous evolution and development
  • Forward-looking: know-how and skills under one roof

About Eurofinish

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Binding is key when combining materials

A product will not ‘work’ unless the materials, or the individual parts, are properly adjusted to each other. A crucial role in this is played by the interface between these materials – the joining. Think of the smart choices you need to make to create a connection that is strong and without tension between multiple materials which each expand in a different way.

Discover the possibilities of material binding techniques

Connecting materials and products can be done in a number of ways, for instance through glueing, welding, soldering, bolting, riveting, etc. But which joining technology is the right one for your product or project? The choice of joining technique depends on the specific process or on environmental factors, such as high temperature or pressure, chemical gasses or fluids, and/or special materials. Eurofinish + Materials presents you the possibilities of various binding techniques.

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